Recaps & Pondering……


Happy Monday ladies and gents!!!

So I know that I have been MIA the last few days, however it was for good reason, I promise. Some of you may not recognize the picture above, but I spent the last few days in the BEAUTIFUL city of Boston, MA…..I mean ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, do you hear me?? I cannot even believe the amount of culture and diversity there is in this beautiful city. Making this trip made me realized even more how much of the world there is to see….so many things to experience….how could anyone not agree?? I would love to upload some pics of our trip, however I’m not so savvy with transferring pics from my cell, so I’m going to let the man of the house take care of that when he gets home. Anywho, it was a blessing to get away (baby-free might I add!) and just enjoy life with the one you love….it was not until the last couple of years that I have learned how to truly value and enjoy life…even on the days when I just feel like staying in the bed watching Beetlejuice and eating orange sherbet. This past trip to Boston re-energized that feeling…it gave me the boost I needed to continue pushing so that I can provide trips such as these and many more for my family…for my daughter….things that I did not have myself growing up….my determination is at a all-time high folks!

Unfortunately, I hate to cut our date short, but I am still recovering from the weekend, in addition to not efficiently planning my day…with that being said I have a million things to do while the rugrat is still sleep. I look forward to talking with you guys tomorrow!! Have a wonderful evening everyone! Till’ next time…..




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