“We used to want it all…now we just want to pee alone”- Motherhood

supermomOk so before I begin let me throw this out there: with this post I am in NO way taking the spotlight off all the superdads out there…I know a few personally…however as I do not have a penis, I can only speak from the role of mothers (although I guess to be truthful, having a penis doesn’t automatically mean fatherhood, does it?). The inspiration for this post came out of nowhere the other day…like literally out of the blue. It was just one of those days where I felt like I was doing EVERYTHING…cooking…homework…putting the little one down for a nap…loading the dishwasher…walking the dog…unloading the dishwasher…you get the point; now, before I go on let me say that I have been blessed to have my daughter’s father in my life…I know that there are a ton of single moms out there (and I have MUCH respect for ALL of you) and to be fortunate enough to have him here…I can’t fathom otherwise, he is an amazing man and father. However, I still have my days where I feel like I am taking on the whole world….while trying to keep up with Burn Notice on Netflix at the same time…

I have to be honest and say that I was never much of a multi-tasker or even someone who FELT like she could handle a million tasks at once. Once I crossed into the beautiful, and slightly insane, world of motherhood, however, I discovered just how many hats I am capable of wearing. Girlfriend, student, mother, daughter, housekeeper, entrepreneur, sister, yada, yada, yada…

Although I have been a mom for a whopping two years now, it didn’t really hit me until recently just how super us moms are. We carry on a lot throughout the day…raising a family, being an awesome girlfriend and/or wife, while maintaining our sanity, and pursuing our dreams/goals at the same time. (Once again, kudos to all my single moms!) I struggled quite a bit to find myself once I became a mother (and Lord knows I still have my days of confusion). This probably had a lot to do with the fact that I wasn’t a 100% sure of who I was even before I brought my daughter into this world. Either way, it took some time, some patience, and quite a few frustrating/tearful moments fro me to discover who I was outside of my “standard” hats, and to this day I still discover something new. 0871-mom-doesnt-care-funny-talk-bubbles-mothers-day-card

I am sure not every woman doesn’t experience this “absolutely clueless” feeling once becoming a mother, however for those that do, (1) you are not alone, and (2) don’t lose hope! While being a supportive mother and spouse, dutiful daughter, or whatever else your “duties” may be, it is also crucial for yourself, and you family, not to lose sight of who you are and what your purpose is here on this beautiful earth. If your goal is to be a successful, stay-at-home mom, AWESOME! Just put your all into it! But if you have other dreams as well…starting your own business…going back to school…moving up in your career…whatever it may be, don’t lose sight of it! I mentioned this in a few posts already, but just as a refresher, something that I currently make a habit of doing…I write down all my goals (financial freedom, starting my own wellness center, just to name a couple) on index cards and I tape those cards (in an organized fashion…I am slightly OCD after all) on our bathroom mirror so that I see these goals every single day. By doing this they remain fresh in my mind and makes me remember that I am more than a mom and girlfriend…we were ALL put on this earth for a reason, although that reason may not be clear at times. Whether its to be a great mom, CEO, alligator wrestler…whatever….we all are here for a reason!

Being a mom is a blessing….more women than you think aren’t able to get this opportunity…even so my fellow ladies, remember that your identity and self-worth does not stop at motherhood. You are beautiful..you are smart…you are 100% awesome…remember that:-)


Til’ next time…..



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