“The Life of a Grad Student…..Again”

Good evening everyone! Hope everyone had an awesome, and blessed Turkey Day, I apologize for my absence lately. As I admitted before, my life has been beyond hectic lately and shows no real signs of slowing down. Nevertheless, I have been required to submit a grad assignment via my blog…perhaps for proof of my social skills 🙂 So here it is, the review of a Healthcare Strategic Plan. Also let me say that I am literally one assignment away from completing my MBA with a specialization in Healthcare Administration….yay me 🙂 I promise that I’ll return with non-educational information soon!

Til’s next time…


 Healthcare Organization’s Strategic Planning: A Crucial Component

            Effective strategic planning is an important element for the success of any business and/or organization, healthcare-based or otherwise. The method of strategic planning not only encompasses the mission and vision of the organization, but also illustrates where the senior management team of the organization would like to direct the HCO to go, professionally. Regardless of the purpose of the company, healthcare, communications, etc., no company can execute a particular strategy, or technique, without formulating a sound strategic plan. Simply defined, an effective strategic plan allows an organization the opportunity to develop a plan that focuses the energy and efforts of everyone in that organization (Bradley, Dawson & Montard, 2013).

In order to gain a clearer understanding of not only the importance of effective strategic planning, but also the role that strategic planning has in healthcare organizations as a whole, we will review the strategic plan of a current healthcare organization, and identify their mission, their vision, long-term goals, and actions that are required in order to implement the plan successfully. For the purpose of this paper, we will evaluate the strategic plan of Atlantic General Hospital.

Five-Year Strategic Plan-Atlantic General Hospital

Mission and Vision of an Organization

            Establishing the mission and vision of an organization is crucial identify the direction in which the organizations hopes to go, in addition to explaining the organization’s reason for existing. The mission and vision of an organization is not to be confused with a ‘sales pitch’ or a ‘motto’, but rather should be looked at as the specific intentions and objectives of the company; as the company grows and improves in their service, the mission and vision should be updated accordingly. As we begin our evaluation of Atlantic General’s strategic plan, we start with their mission and vision statements below:

Mission of AGH

The mission of Atlantic General Hospital is both simple and clear-“to create a coordinated care delivery system that will provide access to quality care, personalized service, and education to improve individual and community health” (Atlantic General Hospital, 2013).

Vision of AGH

The Vision of Atlantic General lines up perfectly with their intended mission; according to mission statement of AGH (2013), they define their vision as the following: “to be the leader in caring for people and advancing health for the members of and visitors to our community”.

As we will illustrate further in the paper, Atlantic General does a superb job of upholding both the mission and vision that senior management has for their organization.

The Future State of AGH

With the numerous changes and reforms that the healthcare industry has experienced over the years, and will undoubtedly experience in the future, Atlantic General Hospital formulated this five-year strategic plan not only to guide them presently, but also to pave the way for their company in the future. With current regulatory and market mandates, AGH are implementing a new strategic plan that will primarily focus on developing more efficient and effective healthcare delivery models. This goal involves both the gain of new information technology, as well as the achievement of the various integration goals that are set in place by our federal government (Atlantic General Hospital, 2013).

In order to keep up with the future of healthcare, plans on implementing something referred to as their “E” strategy over the course of their five-year plan. There are various components to this strategy including the following:

  • Integration of electronic medical records
  • Error-free delivery of healthcare services
  • Ethical conduct
  • Excellence
  • Efficiency

By employing this particular strategy, Atlantic General plans to achieve, over the next several years, to utilize various information technology systems to improve both the delivery of healthcare, as well as the coordination and efficiency of care services.

Benchmarks of Atlantic General Hospital

Over the course of their previous five-year strategic plan, AGH hit many milestones including building service lines in the following areas:

  • Cancer care
  • Wound care
  • Diabetes
  • Women’s Health
  • Orthopedics

The above listed areas of Atlantic General Healthcare are just a few of the milestones that were achieved by AGH and are only a start to the great achievements to come for their company.


            The action that needs to be taken leadership by the management team of Atlantic General Hospital is simple-maintain the original objectives of their mission and vision. This is the first step in ensuring that the goals discussed here will be achieved through proper training, implementation, and of course motivation. Successful implementation of this strategic plan will be recognize by the achievements and goals of AGH-improve relationships among employees and staff at AGH, continued improvement of rating scores by the community, deliverance of quality care to all patients, and the maintaining of pride and satisfaction among staff.


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