“The world does not require so much to be informed as to be reminded”-Hannah More

What has been will be again,

what has been done will be done again;

there is nothing new under the sun.

“Look! This is something new?”

It was here already long ago;

it was here before our time.

-Ecclesiastes I:9-10

LANGUAGESo as I mentioned before, my life recently has been a whirlwind of working from home, working to build my personal empire, as well as that of my family, figuring out things about my life and self that I didn’t even know I was confused about, and on top of it all being a 24/7 mommy. In the midst of the “hectic-ness” that is my life, I am also attempting to read several books, one of which is ‘POSITIVE WORDS, POWERFUL RESULTS: SIMPLE WAYS TO HONOR, AFFIRM, AND CELEBRATE LIFE’ by Hal Urban. I have been taught over the last couple of years the power that not only feelings, but actual words can have over life, situation(s), and overall well-being, but I never truly grasped it until I began reading this book (I’ll provide a link at the end of this post for anyone who may be interested).Β Although I thought I had a fairly good idea on the impact that my words have now, and have had in the past, the words within the pages of this book made me realized otherwise.WORDS

The purpose of this post was not meant to be lengthy, or intellectually deep, but, as my title says, I just wanted to remind everyone out there of the power that your words, both positive and negative, can have on not only your life, but the lives of others as well. With all the harshness that is already in our world, do a kindness…spread some positivity and happiness to others, including yourself. Share a compliment, tell yourself that you’re beautiful…that you’re awesome. I don’t really think that’s something that we do enough…Lord knows I don’t..so enjoy your Saturday, and remember that everyday we have the COMPLETE choice to be happy and share that happiness with others πŸ™‚

Positive Words, Powerful Results: Simple Ways to Honor, Affirm, and Celebrate Life

Til’ next time….



“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”- George Bernard Shaw

A Pinch of You-Inspired by The Daily Postimages (2)

In my previous post I participated in a Weekly Writing Challenge via The Daily Post and I must admit that I now have become addicted. πŸ™‚ I have discovered numerous topics that caught my attention, and of course I just HAD to bookmark a few to write about later on. First, and foremost, I have to give credit where credit is due, the inspiration that I have gained thus far from The Daily Post has made me look at myself more in-depth than ever before. It has allowed me and given me the courage to ask myself the hard questions, which is what led me to write this particular post.

Each and every one of us is made up of our own special “ingredients”…the things that are specific only to us and make us who we are, all of our quirks, antics, and oddities. πŸ˜‰ Now here’s the recipe me for my yummy goodness!

Main Dish:

2 cups dreamer
3 cups achiever
1 cup fitness freak
2 cups wine lover
3/4 cups traveler
1/2 cup OCD
1/4 tablespoon procrastinator
1/4 teaspoon insecure
a pinch of sarcasm
salt and pepper to taste

To Garnish:

4 tattoos
One pair of sexy specs


Mix all ingredients in an over-sized Jacuzzi tub, add the wine last, and stir briskly. Let marinate overnight. Serve on a bed of wisdom.

And that’s it folks! Me in a nutshell! What about you all?? Think about your own recipe! I would love to hear about them! Be blessed everyone πŸ™‚

Til’ next time….



“Reflect upon your present blessings-of which every man has many-not on your past misfortunes, of which all men has some”- Charles Dickens

When I woke up this morning, I had every intention to write on a completely different topic, however, I was on my blog *waves cheerfully to all my new followers* and on my timeline I came across something that piqued my interest greatly; The Daily Post is a blog that I follow (and one that I recommend you guys follow as well!) that provides inspiration, writing topics, various writing challenges, and numerous other blogging goodies πŸ™‚ Β© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationWhat caught my eye was their weekly writing challenge for the week of September 30th: DNA Analysis. Now, they are asking for more than simply describing your physical features…rather, they want to know: Who do you see in your face? In your personality? I decided to give this challenge a go and will also provide the link to The Daily Post at the end of this post so that you may do the same!

My mother. These two words come to mind whenever I look into the mirror. I see her big brown eyes, her smile, her light skin (although I’m a tad lighter), and the quirky facial expressions that she makes. When I was younger, and perhaps up until I was in my early adult years, I didn’t believe much that I looked anything like my mother. Not in a negative way of thinking or anything, I just simply felt that I didn’t physically resemble either one of my parents. However, as I became older, I realized I couldn’t my mother if I wanted to πŸ˜‰

When I look pass my physical attributes, down to my personality, I see significantly more. I see my mother’s pride and stubbornness, I see her sense of humor and her ability to be “superwoman”. I see my father’s temper (although I have made tremendous strides in THAT arena πŸ™‚ ), I see his quietness and reserve….well, unless he’s had one too many strawberry daiquiris. I also see his love for new places and things, his independence, and love for old school music (I can listen to the Gap Band all day). Lastly, but unfortunately, I can see his negative thinking and the burden of letting his circumstances dictate his life (although, as with his temper, that is another trait I refuse to acknowledge).

Its funny because as I look at all the things that I “see” when I look in the mirror, it also made me realize the things that I do NOT see, however that is neither here nor there, the reason for this being that, simply put, I have the POWER to put the things that I do not see…THERE. Although this is knowledge that I have gained before, I thank The Daily Post for reminding me! Instead of constantly acknowledging the things that I feel are lacking in the mirror, I can now recognize the great things in me that I received from both parents: a courageous, determined, and beautiful young woman. Capable of pursuing and achieving her dreams with a quiet passion and determination that many do not have today.

Now THAT is what my reflection looks like….

What do YOU see when you look in the mirror??

Visit The Daily Post at the link below and let us know πŸ™‚

The Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge

Til’ next time….